Bat Boy: The Musical


PAVILION is debuting next weekend people! Kicking off the CAP Spring 2011 season RIGHT! Featuring: Sam Parker, Johnny DellaLuna, Heather Tedesco, and Sneh Iyer! For details, see the event page below -

Bat Boy Cast List:

With Bat Boy, we are doing something a little different. We’ve decided to cast four understudies for the major roles, and these understudies will serve as the ensemble. HOWEVER, each understudy will get to have a show date, which will be March 26th (Saturday). SO the understudies will be in every show, either as the ensemble or as the main characters.

Without further ado,

BAT BOY: Mark Piltz, Charlene Wiencke as the understudy

MEREDITH: Cassie Kingsbury, Caitlyn Wright as the understudy

DR. PARKER: Andrew Shigo, Corrado Minervini as the understudy

SHELLEY: Alyssa Krompier, Alex Pillion as the understudy

SHERIFF: Pat Dixon


RON, MAGGIE, CLEM: Megan Couillard

RUTHIE, NED: Tonia Jagodnick


BUD, ROY, DAISY, PAN: Brittany Greene, Vic Versprille as the understudy

A Thanks to all of our Auditioners!

Auditions for CAP’s two Spring Shows complete, we want to thank you to all of those brave souls who shows us their stuff in the past week(s) auditions. It was nice to see a few new faces right along the familiar ones. I have no doubt that you all are eagerly awaiting the results of all of your hard work…

Male Narrator: Johnny DellaLuna
Female Narrator: Sneha Iyer
Peter: Sam Parker
Kari: Heather Tedesco
As for the results of Callbacks from Bat Boy… keep eagerly awaiting.The time is nigh!


In addition to this announcement, there will be signs directing people to the correct location of the General Interest Meeting. The meeting has been moved to Room 454 (still in the Rutgers Student Center). Just follow the wafting smell of free pizza!

College Avenue Players ASSEMBLE!

Come to the College Avenue Players’ General Interest Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 26th, 2011 @ 9:30pm in the Graduate Lounge at the Rutgers Student Center. You bring the interest, we’ll bring the pizza.

Find out what we are all about and how you can be involved in all this awesomeness.


Welcome back from winter break everybody!
EXCITING NEWS! The Spring semester shows have been chosen! And they are…

*BAT BOY: Auditions, January 31st and February 1st 9:30pm (callbacks TBA)

as directed by Rich Armstead
Auditions for Batboy (being that it is a musical) requires that you prepare at MOST 16 bars of a song of your choice, PREFERABLY in the style of Bat Boy (if that means nothing to you, then try in the style of Little Shop of Horrors).

*PAVILION: Auditions, Jan 24th and 25th 9:30pml

as directed by Eddie Souaid

Congratulations to you guys and we hope to see you all out for auditions for these two terrific shows. Keep you posted about show dates and have a great semester!

Spring Semester Season: Coming Soon

With the window of opportunity closed for Spring show submissions, I would just like to thank you all who submitted shows to our artistic director Tonia Jagodnik. The announcement of our Spring Semester lineup will be made shortly so keep a close watch on our website and our facebook page!

Spring Semester Show Submissions:

With the two Fall Semester shows over and done with, drifting into CAP history, we turn our eyes forward to the oncoming semester and what it may bring.

This is where you come in! Remember back in high school (no.) when you heard about a play with nudity, violence, lewd humor and heavy sexual connotations and you thought to your naive, angst-ridden adolescent self, “I really wish we could do THIS instead of Grease for the sixth time in ten years.”

WELL, here you are, in college and as such you have the ability to do just that. Submit your ideas to the College Avenue Players at The deadline is TBA, but will be fast approaching with the Spring Semester itself. GET ON IT PEOPLE and make your high school self proud.


After a ‘smashing’ opening weekend, The Dice House has had rave reviews and for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet…well, GET ON IT! December 10th and 11th are your last chance to witness the hilarity and absurdity of The Dice House (directed by Colin Gallo) written by Paul Lucas.

ON TOP OF THAT, at each showing of The Dice House two raffles take place. The first, for FREE complimentary tickets to see all of the SPRING SEMESTER SHOWS (yes, that includes Hacky Hijinks) for the FREE-est cost there is…FREE.

The second raffle is truly a gem. A chance to win a CAP LIFETIME PASS. That is FREE ADMISSION UNTIL YOU DIE (or CAP dies but let’s be honest, what are the chances of THAT happening?)! You simply MUST get in on this. Thus far, there are only four entries. DO you KNOW what that does to your odds if you enter NOW? Come to see The Dice House this weekend and enter for your chance to win! Drawing for the LIFETIME PASS will be done closing night (12/11/10) and the ticket holder does not have to be present.


“Luck is the mere absence of misfortune and visa versa.”

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